About Us

Flexibility is the name of the game -(THE CHOICE IS YOURS)


With staff that trained, worked and managed large tour operators, STC Golf benefits from vast holiday experience, comprehensive product knowledge and escellent hotel partners. By being a smaller company we offer a more personalised service and the flexibility that larger tour operators simply can't.


More flexible dates

No rigid schedules! Our holidays do not have to run Saturday to Saturday. Shorter or longer stays can be arranged in midweek or over weekends. The choice is yours!


More flexible flying times

No charter flights! With a greater variety of airlines flying to our destinations ever than before you can decide on departure times and airports most convenient to you. The choice is yours!


More flexible transfers

No hand holding holiday reps! You choose the type of transfer from airport to resort. Private taxi, car hire, even stretched limo or helicopter. The choice is yours!